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Allow (us) to reintroduce (ourselves)

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Hey beautiful people,

So I got a little excited and didn't realize until my aunt texted me "Who is Dr. Katie?" that I never introduced her and our blog! How rude! *cue Stephanie Tanner voice*

Katie and I met in physical therapy school at the University of Miami. At the time, neither of us saw our careers taking this path. Truth be told, I didn't even take the women's health elective! Fast forward 5 years and here we with our own practices, in two different states (Katie still lives in Florida), giving each other weekly pep talks and bouncing ideas off one another.

We are collaborating on this blog to bring you quality content and two different perspectives - two brains are better than one! So thankful for her friendship, inspiration and mutual love of pelvic health, improving the standard of postpartum care and building a community of empowered and informed women.

Katie and I will be sharing new content the beginning of every month. Please let us know if you have any topics surrounding pelvic health or postpartum rehabilitation that you would like to know more about!

Health & Happiness,

Dr. Carly

Check out Katie's pelvic PT practice at:


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